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Welcome to Plano Dead Animal Removal! Got a terrible smell in your house, or do you see a dead critter on your property? We are an animal control company specializing in the removal of dead animals from your home, attic, basement, walls, yard, or any part of your property. You clearly don't want a dead animal in your house. Carcasses attract flies and give off terrible smells, not to mention the potential diseases rotting flesh can cause. Whenever we remove dead animals, we use 100% safe methods and make sure to disinfect your home and get rid of all traces of odor. Click here for Free Roadkill Removal and click here for Dead Pet Body Removal. For deceased wild animals in your home or property, call us anytime at 469-890-1685 to schedule an appointment for today! We come out fast! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Foul Odor Diagnosis
  • Full Property Inspections
  • House Damage Repairs
  • Dead Body Location Services
  • Proper Carcass Disposal
  • Cleanup & Decontamination Services
  • Deodorization Services

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Unless an animal died in plain sight, you might not notice its presence until the body is in an advanced state of decomposition and start to release this rotten scent. Apart from the smell, the body will usually be covered by flies and maggots that make it unpleasant. Apart from that, the disease and parasites they carry can be transferred to humans and pets. Therefore, we do not advise you to handle the removal and disposal of the dead animal personally. Allow our experts to remove and dispose of the animals to ensure that everything will be in accordance with the hazardous waste management policy. We will be disinfecting the affected area to kill the virus and bacteria and prevent the disease's transmission. We will restore this area to its previous state. We are a family-run friendly dead animal removal company. As a company that has been in the industry for ten years, we understand that the cost is one factor that people will consider. We will be offering the most affordable service in the state. We also provide our services at different tiers that are available in a flexible payment plan. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

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What if you found roadkill or a dead animal such as a deer in a public place, and you want the city or Collin County services to remove it for free? Click here for Free Collin County Dead Animal Removal services. What if a farm animal like a horse, or your beloved pet dog or pet cat has died and you need the body taken away? Click here for Dead Pet Body Removal.

We are experts in dead animal removal, and take our job seriously. When removing dead animals, we do a COMPLETE job — not only do we remove the dead animal from your home or yard, we also decontaminate the area, deodorize it, and dispose of the animal or cremate it. If you aren't sure whether the stench in your house is due to a rotting carcass or another reason, we can sniff it out with our noses from our years of experience. We remove dead raccoons, dead opossums, dead skunks, dead squirrels, dead birds, even dead dogs and cats. We frequently remove dead rodents from inside walls, because poison kills rats and mice, who die in your house. We completely solve your dead animal problem by taking these steps:

  • Sniff out the dead animal if it is somewhere in your home
  • When necessary, for example if the animal is in a wall or under your house, cut a hole to remove the animal
  • Remove the dead animal, safely and completely (and seal the hole if needed)
  • Finish the job by decontaminating and deodorizing your home
  • Properly dispose of the dead animal through incineration or other means
  • Prevent it from happening again by finding out how they got in your house

Dead animal carcass removal is specialty work. Sometimes the job is simple, such as a dead opossum in the yard, in which case we can simply wear our gloves and respirator mask, bag the carcass, and take it away for incineration. Sometimes this is more complex, such as when the dead animal is under a home crawlspace, under a porch or deck or shed. Or if the animal is larger, such as a dog or a deer. The most complex cases are dead animals inside the house. The animal may have died inside the attic, or down in the walls, or the duct work, or any other part of the architecture. You may have a bad smell in your home, and you're not even sure what's causing it. We've removed not just dead animals, but rotting food, bad mold, etc. We specialize in locating the source of the smell, and we very commonly cut a hole in the ceiling or wall to remove the animal. We remove every bit of the carcass, mop up the juices, vacuum the maggots, spray it and wipe it down with disinfectant, cleaner, and we repair the hole we cut. In some cases we use ozone machines to neutralize odor.

Plano Dead Animal Tip: Why Do Raccoons Die Inside Houses or Attics? How to Remove.

There’s nothing pleasant about having a dead raccoon inside your house or attic. Because they are quite large creatures, they give off an intense stench, which will last for weeks or months unless you do something about it. But why do raccoons die inside houses, and what’s the best way to remove them?

Why Raccoons Die in Houses or Attics
There are several reasons why this nasty critter might meet its demise in your house. Some of the most common ones include:

Being stuck
This is perhaps the biggest cause for dead raccoons in homes. A raccoon might manage to get itself somewhere from which it cannot escape. Similarly, you might have sealed a raccoon’s entry hole into your house or attic, while trapping it inside. A stuck raccoon will eventually die of starvation and dehydration.

Abandoned babies
There are several reasons a mother raccoon can be separated from her kits. First, she might have met with her demise in the outside world while on the quest to search for food. Second, you might have sealed her entry hole, making it impossible for her to reach her pups. Whatever the reason, abandoned kits are deprived of parental care, and they will eventually die.

Injury and ill-health
Raccoons can get injured from predator attacks or even accidents. Similarly, they can fall ill. When any of this happens, the raccoon retreats to its nest to rest and recover. If the injury or disease is severe, the raccoon might not be able to recover on its own, and it will eventually die.

Poisons and lethal traps
While most people use poisons to kill rats and mice, raccoons are sometimes victims of unintended poisoning. Poisons damage the internal organs of the raccoon, which leads to internal bleeding and death. Some people make use of lethal traps to deal with a raccoon infestation.

Losers in territorial fights
Male raccoons will fight to defend their territorial and mating rights. In most cases, the losing raccoon will scamper away in retreat. However, in some cases, the fight will continue until one of them dies or gets severely injured to the point that it eventually succumbs to death.

Old age
In the wild, raccoons have a lifespan of five to 20 years. A raccoon will eventually die when it grows old. The dead raccoon in your house might be from an old raccoon with failing health.

How to Find and Remove a Dead Raccoon
When there’s a dead raccoon in your house, the foul smell is so discomforting that your mind gets preoccupied with only one thing: how to get rid of it quickly. Here’s how to go about that:

Locate the carcass: follow your nose
To locate the carcass, you need to use your nose to follow the smell to where it’s most concentrated. This is the most likely position of the carcass. The direction of flies might also lead you to the carcass.

Stay protected
Before you come in contact with the dead raccoon, ensure you wear gloves and also your protective gear. Avoiding contact with bodily fluids is the only way to lower your risk of contracting an infection.

Remove the carcass
In most cases, the raccoon will die in a hidden spot of your house. This might mean under the insulation or inside the wall. If you can retrieve the carcass, put it in a bag, as well as all the related materials that go with it. This includes droppings, nesting material, maggots, roaches, and other organisms. Thereafter, properly dispose of the bag.

Decontamination and deodorization
You can now use an enzyme-based cleaner to disinfect the contaminated space and kill all biohazards. Deodorizers like vinegar and charcoal can be used to deal with the foul smell.

Raccoons are highly destructive creatures that will chew on wood, tear up insulation and wires, and rip off pipes. You have to fix all damages the raccoons have done in your attic or property. But most importantly, you have to seal all entry holes and put measures in place to prevent a raccoon infestation problem from recurring.

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